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Evac Services

EVAC Services provides a comprehensive range of emergency planning and compliance management solutions to all types of businesses.

Emergency Planning Committee Emergency Planning Committee Emergency Control Organisations Emergency Control Organisation
Fire Safety Advisor (QLD) Fire Safety Advisor (QLD Only) Training Training
Emergency Plan - Written & Emergency Procedures Emergency Plan - Written & Emergency Procedures Emergency Response Exercises Emergency Response Exercises
Evacuation Diagrams and Signs Evacuation Diagrams and Signs Tenant & Occupant Requirements Tenant & Occupant Requirements

Committed to providing a superior service at value for money prices, EVAC ensures strict compliance with Australian standards and regulations.

EVAC Services in addition offers a range of on-line and face to face training and instruction:

  • General evacuation training
  • Warden training
  • Chief warden training
  • Evacuation drills
  • First attack fire fighting instruction
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Emergency response team training
  • Emergency planning committee

EVAC Services can customise and develop location and company specific training programs.


EVAC Technology is the engineering arm of the EVAC Group that develops, project manages and implements specific solutions and products.

A technology hub that houses innovative tools and continually improves development capabilities to integrate specific solutions and deliver them to clients, interfacing high-end technology & applications including emergency & security related apps, online access and more.

With capabilities to deliver across a variety of industries including but not limited to:

  • facility management
  • banking
  • security
  • mining 
  • software
  • telecommunications
  • manufacturing

EVAC Technology can integrate risk technology tools and applications into existing systems.

Evac Connect

EVAC Connect is a web-based tool that assists facility managers and their occupants with emergency reporting, training and compliance management.

EVAC Connect is based on our patent pending emergency and facilities management ecosystem.

It provides a centralised view of content, services, applications, interfaces and tools for dealing with an emergency. It has been designed for use before and during an emergency.

Prior to an emergency, the system allows building managers and responsible people to track training and preparedness within a facility. Reporting can be traced to intricate levels.

It is designed to track compliance based on standards and legislative requirements.